1- what are membership condition for help seekers in HANA?

All people who have suffered spinal cord injuries as a result of the accident
You can visit Hana and take the initial membership steps.

Hana to people who are members of charity:

  • Education
  • Rehabilitation (physiotherapy – occupational therapy – Rehabilitation counseling)
  • Empowerment
  • Physical Education (Corrective Exercises Wheelchair Basketball Team -Tennis –
    Athletics – Football with handmade or foosball)
  • Adjustment (Private homes)
  • Tourism(Intra-provincial, extra-provincial)
  • etc

Hana is a non-profit and non-governmental organization that manages and finances itself through charitable donations (individuals and legal entities) as well as membership fee payments.

Dear benefactors can help Hannah in various ways here are some ways to pay cash:

  • By visiting a charity location and In coordination with the Charity ManagerPay their cash donations;
  • Online payments (Payment gateways on Hana site -Hannah app);
  • Request Hannah’s piggy banks And collect your cash donations in these piggy banks.

Dear benefactors can coordinate with charities if they donate non-cash donations; which can be items such as rehabilitation equipment (Wheelchair, bed, Wheelchair Mattress Wavy mattress and etc.)

Hana is taken from the first letters of some words of the full name “Charity to support patients with spinal cord injury in Isfahan province”The basis of Hana formation is to create life expectancy and change the quality of life of people with spinal cord injuriesThe use of green and orange is a sign of freshness and life expectancy in Hana. Hana believes that people with spinal cord injuries, both physical and mental, will get out of their wheelchairs and return to life after their injury.

Hana, along with her regular companions, breaks the difficult framework of problems around people with spinal cord injuries and encourages them to overcome these problems.

Hana always welcomes the sharing of her specialized knowledge for scientific and academic activities that will somehow improve and develop the rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injuries and improve their quality of life, and this is one of their social responsibilities to improve the level of knowledge in the country. Knows in areas related to spinal cord injury According to the specialized approach of charity, Thesis or research projects related to specialized activities are possible with the cooperation of this charity in master’s and doctoral degrees. If the above conditions are met Interested persons are requested to submit a written request for the project and complete the relevant form. Submit a certified copy of the proposal and referral from the university or research center to the admissions unit

During the week from Saturday to Thursday (From 8.30 to 13.30) Members can contact the charity and ask questions, and members can contact the charity if their membership file information (phone number, home address, etc.) changes and they are notified.
Dear members, contact us through our Instagram page, Telegram channel and WhatsApp Hana.

For information on contact numbers and communication through virtual networks, refer to the Contact us page.