Support services with sectors such as education, treatment, rehabilitation, empowerment, welfare, etc. is one of the most important and main units that directly serves the victims and their families.
When a person in the family suffers from spinal cord injury, all the elements of the family are affected and therefore all family members need comprehensive spiritual, material, welfare and social support.
The support services sector has is most in touch with patients and their families and aims to expand the “Hana” support umbrella so that families can take steps with less concern in the path of growth and excellence and keeping pace with the physical conditions of thevictims.

Below is a summary of the activity of each section.


The education unit in the field of prevention, general and specialized skills, started its activities with the aim of generating, motivating the initiation of social activities, financial independence and awareness to the clients in order to enhance communication skills;

The courses held in “Hara” are as follows:

  1. Handicrafts training course (carpet weaving, kilim weaving, vitreous enamel, leatherwork)
  2. Art Courses (Painting, Music)
  3. Language Courses
  4. Computer courses (beginner and advanced ICDL, typing, Photoshop, etc.)
خدمات آموزشی حانا - آموزش موسیقی
خدمات آموزشی - چرم دوزی


The Prevention Working Group aims to inform the community about the factors affecting spinal cord injury and has taken effective steps in this regard, including briefly mentioning thefollowing:

Measures taken in the field of prevention:

  • Holding preventive classes during and after injury
  • Activity in virtual space with the subject of prevention before, during and after injury
  • Holding workshops on post-traumatic prevention

3- Legal services

This section has been launched with the help of a group of lawyers with the aim of advising and resolving the legal problems of the clients and has already served a large number ofmembers.


Efforts to improve physical condition, reduce mental problems caused by damage, return the loved ones of spinal cord injury to normal life and helping them are among the goals that all servicemen and charity helpers plan to achieve and take steps towards.

The most important services provided to people with spinal cord injury in the treatment sector are the following:

  1. Members’ Health Filing
  2. Identification of clinical laboratory and treatment centers
  3. Follow-up of periodic and annual examinations of members
  4. Referral of members to specialists based on needs
  5. Inviting doctors to perform examinations at the charity site
خدمات درمانی


With the relentless efforts of the founders, the board of trustees and sponsors, The Hana Charity has been able to provide valuable services in the field of rehabilitation to the clients, especially those in the golden age (up to 6 months after the injury).

Among these services are the following:

  1. Providing physiotherapy services in The Haana location using the most up-to-the-day devices periodically and regularly
  2. Providing health care services in Hana location using specialists in this field
  3. Holding seminars and conferences related to the physical and mental health of the injured
  4. Individual, Family, Group Counseling Courses
خدمات توانبخشی
خدمات توانبخشی


Identifying and providing services to spinal cord injury patients in the first days of recovery has a significant impact on their recovery and capabilities, so most of the consultations are conducted in the first weeks and months of the injury.

Empowerment workgroup identifies new clients, visits, consults, assesses needs, goes through periodic assessments and by referring to the members’ required sections, provides adaptation services, treatment, rehabilitation counseling, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, rehabilitation equipment, corrective exercises, training classes, etc. with the help of benefactors and State Welfare Organization of Iran.


This section is active in the following areas:

1-7: Qarz al-Hasanah Fund:

The Qarz al-Hasanah Fund was established in February 2020 with the efforts of founders, a group of benefactors as well as active members of the charity. In this way, it has given the necessary loans to the members.

2-7: Tourism:

Traveling is a great way to leave us for a short time from life and its concerns and strengthen social relations and experience, in this regard, Hana serves his members by holding recreational camps within the province and out of the province and visiting historical and cultural attractions and centers.

7-3:Cultural – Citizenship:

In order to increase happiness and encourage members to attend gatherings, the charity of Hana serves the members by holding exhibitions in the province and city of Isfahan, holding celebrations in accordance with religious festivals and gatherings in The Place of Hana and cooperation with cultural centers and interacting with them to use their services and to form vocal groups and theater.


Hamana’s social work department, by directly interacting with the SWO and having a number of members’ welfare cases, takes steps to coordinate them and provide them the charities services.

خدمات مددکاری
خدمات مددکاری


During its period of activity, the Physical Education Unit has been working to increase motivation among adolescents and young people and to encourage them to engage in various sports activities. In addition to directly affecting their health, by setting up sports teams this allows them to achieve success at such fields.

Most important activities in this section are as follows:

  • Forming a basketball sports team and holding sports classes such as tennis, table football.
  • Equipping the outdoor area of the office building (courtyard) for athletics
  • Setting up a recreational gym on the basement floor (tennis table, table football, trampoline)

The founders of The Charity of Hana are trying to create a better world for the injured spinal cord injury victims, and this is not possible except with the help and support of your dear benefactors.

خدمات تربیت بدنی
خدمات تربیت بدنی


Considering that inactivity in spinal cord injury patients is one of the most important causes of gastrointestinal, kidney, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases as well as deformation of body structure, etc., in order to prevent secondary complications, Hana charity offers extensive services to members in the field of exercise and corrective exercises by providing sports rehabilitation equipment.


Providing rehabilitation equipment to needy and approved by the empowerment services members and distribution of sanitary equipment on a case-by-case basis, as well as the distribution of support basket are the most important activities of the support sector.

پشتیبانی و انبار داری
پشتیبانی و انبار داری


The department of rehabilitation and civil engineering, with the help of the municipality and welfare organization will do the following activities:

Designing and customization of suitable homes and environments, designing and customizing suitable surroundings of members’ houses, visiting and providing consultations on customization of members’ homes, holding meetings of the committee with the relevant authorities.


Considering the fact that that having a job and profession and earning money is necessary for every person’s life, this section is active in various fields of entrepreneurship and job creation with regards to the physical conditions and abilities of members.


  • Connect with the General bureaus of Labor and Social Affairs, Industries, Centers, Public and Private Organizations and Institutions to identify suitable jobs for members and job placement
  • Creating and updating members’ databases on their specialties.
  • Launching home jobs
  • Recruiting trained members in Hana and other centers
اشتغال - چرم دوزی